HE∀DS. 5% Donation Policy


5% of HE∀DS. sales are donated to organizations and collectives that are working to solve social problems.
Nothing would be nicer than to make the world a better place by purchasing HE∀DS. products.

CURRENT DONATION / 現在の寄付先 (March 2024 - )

国連パレスチナ難民救済事業機関(UNRWA) ガザ地区緊急支援




United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA)

UNRWA was established by UN General Assembly Resolution 302 (IV), adopted on December 8, 1949, after the First Middle East War, to provide relief and implement projects for Palestinian refugees, and began its activities in 1950. For more than 70 years, UNRWA has been providing assistance and protection to Palestinian refugees. Its areas of activity include education, medical health, social security services, infrastructure and environmental improvement in refugee camps, protection, microfinance, and emergency assistance.

Many Gaza Strip residents, including Palestinian refugees, have paid the price for the fighting that began on October 7, 2023. Forced to flee their homes, they rely solely on support from UNRWA.

The humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip is getting worse, so support UNRWA's work.

PAST DONATION / 過去の寄付先 (June 2023 - December 2023)





Japan Association for Refugees (JAR)

Japan Association for Refugees (JAR) is a non-profit organization that has been working to support refugees in Japan for over 20 years.
JAR's activities range from providing legal assistance, living and employment support to refugees who have fled to Japan, as well as policy recommendations to the Japanese government.

 According to the UNHCR's 2022 estimates, there are more than 100 million refugees worldwide.
In the international community, each country is expected to take in its share of refugees, but Japan, in particular, has a low refugee status and is reluctant to accept refugees.
Japanese society is not well prepared to accept refugees due to a lack of understanding of the refugee problem.
Even if refugees manage to escape to Japan, they are at risk of being isolated, impoverished, and even deported back to their home countries.

In June 2023, “Proposed Bill for the Partial Revision of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act” was passed that will increase the risk of repatriation of refugees in Japan to their home countries.
It is anticipated that more refugee assistance activities in Japan will become necessary in the future. Let's deepen our understanding of the current situation of refugee issues in Japan and support JAR's activities.